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TRH Episode 51
November 10, 2014 04:13 PM PST
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Hey hey to everyone. After a short break, I’m back to assault and pummel poor ears with rich heavy goodness! Label stuff - with appropriate announcements when all is ready - and time-off, plus a few personal matters and all is go again. A lot of stuff to be played and jammed at high volumes for sure. Covering more newish and indie here on this episode of TRH. Happy to help get the crap out of people’s systems, here we go…

01. Wicked Woman - DoctoR DooM (avail. at doctordoom.bandcamp.com)
02. Loa's Kingdom - Vodun (free download avail. atvodun.bandcamp.com)
03. Eye Of The Covenant - LLNN (from ‘Marks’; self-released at llnn.bandcamp.com)
04. Sickening Corpses - Castle Freak (from ‘Still Rotting’ on Tridroid Records)
05. Turbo Rot - Mother Brain (from ‘Rise and Grind’ 7" on Mannequin Rein Recordings)
06. The Inevitable Return to Darkness - Abysmal Dawn (from ‘Obsolescence’ on Relapse Records)
07. Sun of Nihility - Job For A Cowboy (from ‘Sun Eater’ on Metal Blade Records)
08. Foundations - Pallbearer (from ‘Foundations Of Burden’ on Profound Lore Records)
09. Latvian Feguro - Myrkur (from s/t EP on Relapse Records)
10. Wolfhead's Tree - Amiensus (free download at amiensus.bandcamp.com)
11. IX - Rorcal (from Rorcal / Process of Guilt 12” split release by Cal of Ror Records, Bleak Recordings, Lost Pilgrims Records, Wolves and Vibrancy Records, GPS Prod., Chaosphere Recordings, Nooirax Producciones and Labyrinth Productions.
12. Blackfire - Goya (from ‘777’; self-released at marijuana.bandcamp.com)
13. My Cold Jackson - STONER KEBAB (from ‘SIMON’; self-released at stonerkebab.bandcamp.com)
14. Master Of The Sky - Moon Coven (from double ‘A’ digital split ‘Haramukh High/Master Of The Sky’; self-released at mooncoven.bandcamp.com)
15. Esta Noche - Satyress (from ‘Dark Fortunes’; self-released at satyress.bandcamp.com)
16. Hydra - Witch Ripper (from s/t EP; self-released at witchripper.bandcamp.com)
17. Arrowhead - Torche (from ‘Songs For Singles’ on HydraHead Records)

The 50th TRH Podcast
September 20, 2014 09:51 AM PDT
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Wow. If I had to tell myself I don’t think that I would have believed it, but here we are. After 5 years of rockin’, noise and general playful ornery-ness, I reached that crazy 50th episode. Never done anything this long or consistent that wasn’t heartfelt or true like this podcast. To any and all listeners, cheers to you for listening to even a song; I do it for the love of the heavy as I say again. What’s more, there are still so many great tracks and albums that I can see myself getting to that triple digit number later on, easy. For right now though let’s celebrate, lift a glass for those that we sadly lost this year, and work towards giving ourselves something real to look forward to. Hails to all, and seize the day!

01. Gorgon - Angel Witch (from s/t on Bronze Records)
02. Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver - Blue Öyster Cult (from ‘Fire of Unknown Origin’ on CBS /Columbia)
03. Exitium (Anthem Of The Living) - Sanctuary (from ‘Arise And Purify’ on Century Media)
04. Evil/Right - Bedowyn (from ‘Wolves & Trees’; self-released)
05. Salt The Wound (feat. Kirk Hammett) - Exodus (from ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ on Nuclear Blast Records)
06. Obsession with The Empress (from human to divine) - White Empress (from s/t EP; self-released)
07. bricks - Dakhma (from s/t release avail. at dakhma.bandcamp.com)
08. The Parish - Blackest (from Blackest x Converse Rubber Tracks session)
09. Depraved - Of Feather And Bone (from A389 Recordings 2014 DIGITAL MIXTAPE)
10. Hotel Cali Rose - Eddie Brock (from MDF Tape avail at eddiebrockmd.bandcamp.com)
11. Filth Scheming, Shrill Screaming - Razoreater (from ‘This Is S.O.A.N’ on Witch Hunter Records)
12. Ramparts - HOLY (from ‘The Age Of Collapse’ on ADAGIO 830)
13. Gave - Vermin Womb (from ‘Permanence’ on Tartarus Records)
14. Milk - Undersmile (from ’Narwhal’ on Future Noise Recordings)
15. 25 Cromwell - Ilsa (from A389 Recordings 2014 DIGITAL MIXTAPE)
16. Women of Doom - Groan (from ‘Ride The Snake’ EP on Superhot Records)
17. Demon Head - Demon Head (from Demon Head/Winterland 7” on Levitation Records)
18. Mt. Aloha - Menhir (from ‘Uberlith II’ on Tartarus Records)
19. Infinite Loop - OXCROSS (from ‘Tree and Stone’ on Crown & Throne Ltd.)

TRH Episode 49
August 30, 2014 11:28 AM PDT
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Yes, here we go. The ending off of a (very) short summer, almost too short for the vacationeers in-waiting. A very heavy year, both in terms of events and releases. Lots of tours swinging into gear for this September, a pretty busy concert month here with me personally. Will be happy to kick into gear the 50th episode of this fine loud and strange journey, but first, take the last long-weekend of summer lawn chair journey with that Scotch on the rocks or tallboy in hand; cin cin and hails!

01. Slick Black Cadillac - Quiet Riot (from ‘Quiet Riot II’ on CBS Sony [Japanese only])
02. Long Stick Goes Boom - Krokus (from ‘One Vice At A Time’ on Arista Records)
03. Knights Of The Thunder - TNT (from ‘Knights Of The New Thunder’ on Vertigo Records)
04. I’m A Gun - Shotgun Messiah (from ‘Violent New Breed’ on Relativity Records)
05. Down To The Bone - Overkill (from ‘White Devil Armory’ on Nuclear Blast Records)
06. Dream Catcher - WITHDRAWAL (avail. from a389recordings.bandcamp.com)
07. Road Less Travelled - Sick Of It All (from ‘The Last Act Of Defiance’ on Century Media Records)
08. XXIX:VI - Writhe (from ‘Strangers’, self-released; available at writhetheband.bandcamp.com)
09. Voodoo Witch - Weresquatch (from ‘Doomed & Stoned in Portland’ compilation at doomedandstoned.bandcamp.com)
10. Idols Of Evil - NAPALM CHRIST (from s/t 12” on A389 Recordings)
11. Follow the light - Sourvein (from Graves At Sea/Sourvein Split on Seventh Rule Recordings)
12. Cremation - Slug Lord (from ‘Transmutation’; available at sluglord.bandcamp.com)
13. Children Of The Night - Death Penalty (from s/t album on Rise Above Records)
14. Childhood - Muscle and Marrow (from ‘The Human Cry’ on Breathe Plastic Records)
15. Es wächst aus seinem Grab- Völur (from ‘Disir’; self-released at volur.bandcamp.com)
16. Psycho Animundi - Witch Mountain (from ‘Mobile Of Angels’ on Profound Lore Records)

Doomed Summer 2014
August 03, 2014 09:26 AM PDT
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You know this podcast... I’ve been thrown’ up specials like this here one for every year now. Well, it’s pretty damn sweet this year! Only 9 tracks here, but believe me they will crush you for the next 90 minutes or so. That’s right, do the averages here - that’s roughly 10 min per song… not! Short doesn’t mean shit (unless you look at Bongripper’s track of 17 mins plus!), but the style. Doom, sludge and the mountain-moving-like-molasses sound of some ace misery here. Dig yer bong out and get the lava lamps dug out and plug in, or veg it out on a lawn chair while it’s still kind of ‘warm’ out, with the keg or other favorite spirituous relief. Low lights, smouldering pipes, hails and enjoy!

01. Admittance - Keeper (from ‘MMXIV’ on PlasticSkull Records)
02. Abandoned In A Pit - Open Tomb (from ‘Dead Weight’ on Dry Cough Records)
03. Sleepwalker - Iron Heel (from ‘Book Of Grief’; self-produced)
04. Rebuild - DEUIL (from ‘Acceptance / Rebuild’ on Boue Records)
05. Nasciturus - Obscure Sphinx (from ‘Void Mother’; self-released)
06. Endless - Bongripper (from ‘Miserable’; self-released - on Great Barrier Records[?])
07. I am nothing - Electric Wizard (from ‘Time To Die’ on Spinefarm Records)
08. The Other Eye - Tombstones (from ‘Red Skies and Dead Eyes’ on Soulseller Records)
09. The Clarity - Sleep (from The Adult Swim Singles Program 2014)